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Get to Know Me
& My Philosophy



Renee Pena Lopez MSED &

Early Childhood Learning Specialist 

I would like to think if Maria Montessori and Mister Rodgers had a baby, it would be me. 

Let me back up, on how I got here:

As a premie to deaf parent's my language was delayed by six months and I didn't know it but I became a neurodiverse (Dyslexic) Little from birth. Oh, and I am so proud to be one!!!


I was the kid fueled by my love of dance, Hooked on Phonic + Nancy Drew, only child perfectionism and tons of curiosity is what got me to get a full ride at Bard. Where I learned how I learned (papers were my kryptonite, as I type I am googling how to spell) and wept why didn't I get the help sooner.


As I always say, you don't know what you don't know. (Why I love sharing resources like my podcast)

Fast Forward, to working in an Enrichment Center on UWS and fell in love with Early Childhood. Fell in love with Early Foundations, Advocating for others, and made sense of my past.

This changed my career course where I became a SEIT (a what), Special Education Itinerant Teacher, where I hone my skills and still do.


Play, Relationships, Connection

But it is my life as Mom that called me to hone in The Magic of Littles.

My Pumpkin's rejection of Early Invention twice, being labeled "the troubled kid" despite being her mother, a person who helps other Littles connect with others through play. I was at my wits end. I wanted to share with them real support but didn't know how.  

And it hit me, despite all the knowledge I know as a teacher. They only know what they know as their teaching experience not mine. And what else did they need to know. They were the font lines for my child!!! They needed extra TLC and support around challenging behaviors. 

And this is why I am the fake love child of Marie Montessori and Mister Rodgers. I want to take their work to the next level and bring Magic to all Littles who need extra TLC through their biggest champions: You! (A Teacher of Little)

Let's work together and bring magic to your world.

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