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Happy Children

Renee Pena-Lopez Presents

The Magic

of Littles

For teachers who want to bring the best out of their preschoolers.


love for the littles

Renee Pena-Lopez

Early Childhood Learning Specialist

Hi There!


Let's be real! A preschool classroom to the outsider can look pretty chaotic but to those in the know, like you (Teacher of Littles), you see Littles being artists, parents, engineers, trying to figure out their world through play. And you feel like you aren't giving each child the attention they need. #realtalk not everyone knows how to play effectively. 


Fair is giving each person what they need. You want to pour love on your Littles but honestly, you are out of ways to connect.


How do I connect with that child struggling with play?


Because let's face even Superheroes need lifelines. That's where I come in. Find out more about me and what I do below.  


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Can I Play Too?

A Toolkit for teachers dealing with challenging behaviors in the early childhood classroom.

Discover the tools for understanding and connecting with the students who are struggling in your classroom, so that you can reclaim your confidence and control ...even if you feel like there’s nothing left to try.

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