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Kid's Playing Outdoor


Let's Work Together


Professional Development Workshops

Want a passionate and a keep it real keynote speaker whom obsessed with child development and behavioral management for your preschool/ nursery/ daycare/ childcare agency. Then I am your gal!


Some topics I love to share knowledge on:

  • Broken Play: A Workshop on Behavior Management 

  • Help Me Do It Myself: The Road to Independence through Executive Functioning in the Early Years


Request a booking below!

Impactful Interventions Collective

You are not an island! This membership is where Teachers of Littles can get real tools to use in their classrooms to deal with outliers in their classroom from challenging behaviors to the quiet kid in their classroom through supported play skills called Guided Play. It the ultimate student support hub for early childhood teachers that you wish you had.

The Collective is a blend of mastermind and resources to get you to that magical finish line and find the spell that works for your Littles in your care.

Because You are a Big Deal!!

You are the Front Lines!


The Magic of Littles Podcast

Need a bit of Inspiration from the Teacher next Door??

Join me, Renee Pena Lopez, each Monday (unless its a holiday because we know teachers take their holidays seriously, I know I do) in your earbuds for an honest and real conversation around Early Childhood and the challenges of play for Littles and learn to support them through play/educational therapy and connect the dots and allow their magic to shine both in the classroom and beyond.

Love Notes

Lindsay B.

“Renee is amazing! She provided my sitters with informative and insightful tools on how to make play purposeful for my sitters. My sitter raved that they couldn’t wait to apply the tools they gained in their next booking. ”

Jenny P.

" I am a true believer in the environment acts as a third teacher. :)I will be using your tips and ideas in my future teachings.Thank you for the resourceful link to break down our student's play! I will be using it ASAP! Thank you again!

Fern S.

“There are no words to describe what you do other than to say it's powerful"!

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