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Bonus Episode #30: Three tips to deal with Frustration Tolerance

Hi, Teachers of Littles out there!

In this episode, I share insights into frustration tolerance and some helpful tips to recognize and help a frustrated child. Learn about these new tips and tricks with me today such as frustration logging, supportive play, and body mapping.


In this episode, we learn about:

  • A little girl’s frustration in a Montessori classroom. (1:10)

  • A frustration log can help you recognize patterns and frustration triggers! (3:00)

  • Build a child’s confidence in social skills by focusing on one-on-one interactions. (4:15)

  • Teaching children to make connections between the body and mind through body mapping. (6:20)

  • Soreness or pain can also be a sign of frustration in children! (7:20)

  • Silly faces and deep breaths: exploring ways to de-stress with kids. (8:00)

  • Create an environment for kids to return to the frustrating task. (9:00)

  • To learn more about frustration tolerance, join my Mini-workshop series on July 6, 7, and 8 in our Facebook group The Magical Littles Club: “Get Rooted in Play: 3 Easy Takeaways To Unpack Supportive Play”. (10:10)

So brew yourself a cup of tea and listen in on the full podcast here:

If you’re a Teacher of Littles and want tools for connecting and supporting your students with exceptionalities, head over to to get the free toolkit!

Tag or direct message us on Instagram @themagicoflittles with any questions you have about frustration tolerance!

Send me your thoughts, questions, and feedback!

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