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Episode #11: The Joys of Open-Ended Play with Ruth Rau

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hey there, Teachers of Littles out there!

I sat down with Ruth Rau, toy maker of Mouse Love Pig (put the hyperlink here) extraordinaire, this week and chatted all about the power and joy of OPEN-ENDED PLAY.

Ruth says that ‘children see magic because they look for it’ -- and well-designed toys will give them control over their play, to empower them and encourage them to use those beautiful imaginations and find that magic.

Nowadays, most toy manufacturers are offering toys with one function, one “right” answer. But we all know that life just doesn’t WORK that way. Life isn’t full of right answers and wrong answers -- most of life’s problem’s are open-ended, and a good toy with a variety of “answers” can really enrich a child’s problem-solving skillset!

Brew yourself that cup of tea, and tune in to this week’s episode as we discuss:

How we can help children find their magic when they need a little help!

How simple observation can help us tune into the needs of our Littles.

How to define whether a Little is “behind” -- what does that *really* mean at these levels?

How and why to slow down the rhythm of your home or classroom sometimes and allow children to lead their own learning through play.

And of course, what to look for in a children’s toy to get the most benefits, joy, and playtime for your Littles, whether it’s at home or in the classroom!

Sound good? Good! Because, as loving teachers and caregivers, we don’t want our students to shrink, we want them to THRIVE! Get the full episode below and learn how to give the control of play BACK to your Littles!

You asked for it — you got it! I wanted to create a secure place to discuss these topics in a way that’s meaningful and expansive, so I reopened my Facebook group: “The Magic of Littles Club.” Join in the chat, whether you’re facing some struggles and need advice, or you’re absolutely thriving. All voices are needed in this forum!

What are your FAVORITE open-ended toys in your home or classroom? Post yours on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag me @themagicoflittles!

Send me your thoughts, questions, and feedback at!

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