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Episode#12: The See-Saw of Highly Sensitive Kiddos with Sandra Clifton

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hey there, teacher tribe!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked with a highly sensitive child. All of us? Thought so!

None of us are in the classroom right now -- but if nothing else, this is the perfect time to hone our classroom skills so that when the world finally does reopen, we’ll be there with more tools and better skills than ever before. And in the meantime, there are so many ways to apply these tools either with our own Littles, or in working virtually with our students as well!

This week's episode I chatted up Sandra E. Clifton, M.Ed about our mutual love for Mister Rogers -- he really had a knack for reaching each and every one of us with his unconditional care and kindness -- as well as about meeting the needs of our most sensitive Littles with that same brand of care, connection, and understanding.

This conversation is really close to my heart. Littles may not always be able to articulate, but they feel with their whole hearts and really connect with those feelings, with that humanity, in a way that adults aren’t always open to. I hope that idea of connection and empathy comes through and helps all of you teachers of Littles out there as much as it’s helped me! Get the full episode here:


During the interview, Sandra mentioned a wonderful tool that she wants to share with all of our listeners out there -- a wonderfully informative website that goes hand-in-hand with the book, The Highly Sensitive Child.*

You asked for it — you got it! I wanted to create a secure place to discuss these topics in a way that’s meaningful and expansive, so I reopened my Facebook group: “The Magic of Littles Club.” Join in the chat, whether you’re facing some struggles and need advice, or you’re absolutely thriving. All voices are needed in this forum!

What are your favorite tools for dealing with highly sensitive children? Post them on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag me @themagicoflittles!

Send me your thoughts, questions, and feedback at!

*This is an affiliate link, means I get commission for this referral.

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