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Episode 15: Chatting about Nature School with Natasha Grogan

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

It’s time to get down and dirty, Teacher's of Littles!

Even as the world is slowly beginning to open back up, most of us are still living a very different life than we were before. We have all had to learn (or re-learn) how to play and learn without our usual tools in the classroom and in the world. No libraries, no schools, no playgrounds, no zoos -- it’s no wonder so many of us have turned our attention to the great outdoors!

For this week’s podcast, I turned back to nature with Natasha Grogan, who, side by side with her mother Sandy, runs a nature school called Roots + Wings in South Carolina. We chatting what feels like everything under the sun from free play to how to bring play into your home whether it's the city or country.

So pull up a chair, brew up your favorite tea, and join us as we chat about rediscovering the curiosity that nature brings out in us all, and get ready to embark on your own mini-adventures in your own neighborhood:


"How to go about incorporating the joy of the great outdoors (and getting dirty) into your life and learning, whether you are in the city or the country" (06:29)

And thankfully, it’s never too late to start bringing nature play into your home or classroom, and no one is ever too old to reap its benefits (17:44)

We also discuss how to find a balance with screentime -- because, let’s be real, many of us have turned to screens as well in these tough times, especially with all the amazing virtual opportunities popping up everywhere (20:15)

Even with nervous Littles or sensory issues, there are always ways to make nature a part of the learning experience, and we go into some ways you can work around or push through these kinds of obstacles." (31:14)

And as for my fellow literature & research geeks, as promised the books* mentioned:

We want to see YOUR favorite outdoor place or activity! Post on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us @themagicoflittles, and Natasha @rootsandwingssc!

Send me your thoughts, questions, and feedback at!

If you see *, that means its an affiliate link and I do receive a small fee from Indie Books that helps support my work (podcast, social media content)

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