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Episode #24: Emotional Security and Co-regulation with Katie Crosby

Today I have Katie Crosby back on the show - we talked about big emotions back on Episode 9! Katie is an OT who specializes in relational healing and development through daily interaction. Her training is in play therapy, trauma-informed methods, sensory processing, DIRFloortime, and integrative listening therapies.

In our conversation today, Katie and I discussed co-regulation and emotional security. While most school and connection is happening online, we’re seeing some struggling around emotional security and how children (and adults) are regulating their systems. I hope you enjoy our conversation and tips around this topic!


In this episode, we learn about:

  • What is an occupational therapist? (1:50)

  • Biology of screen time, what that is causes and tips for those dealing with screen burnout. (3:13)

  • The effects of the “Zoom brain” and how this video format is affecting us. (5:24)

  • How turning off your own view of yourself on Zoom can be helpful, not only for kids but for adults, too! (7:30)

  • Body movement during teaching (8:49)

  • It’s okay for teachers to feel “selfish” or to create their own pockets of time for themselves. (10:43)

  • Alert levels and the biology of our sensory input - if we’re not moving, how can we cultivate learning? (10:55)

  • How do you keep the joy throughout these times and ways to connect? (12:12)

  • How do you keep yourself going when your brain is somewhere else? (14:20)

  • How can we infuse things that bring us joy into our lives while also understanding the duality of life. (18:30)

  • Recommendations from Renee - The Body Keeps Score, the Shine app and the Calm app. (19:40)

  • You don’t need a daily practice, but come up with some sort of practice that works for you. (21:08)

  • How do we help kids to regulate their systems and co-regulation? Katie dives deep into this. (21:45)?

  • What if your co-regulation techniques don’t line up with the child’s?We dive into mis-attunement. (24:55)

  • Parent coaching and how learning from home can actually teach them something! (33:10)

So brew yourself a cup of tea and listen in on the full podcast here:

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