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Episode #25: Teacher Appreciation All Year Long

Today’s podcast is just me talking about the pandemic, boundaries and reflecting on the past school year in reflection of Teacher Appreciation Day. Teachers believe we should be (or are expected to be) super heroes, but taking the time to reflect, set boundaries and make sure you’re taking care of yourself is SO important for teachers all year round.

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In this episode, we learn about:

  • Teacher Appreciation Day feeling like a tagalong and maybe we should celebrate all year round! (1:40)

  • The burnout is real right now for teachers and wishing there was more reform around best practices for early childhood. (3:11)

  • Whatever you’re feeling right now is OKAY! (4:42)

  • I remember the first time I told a student I was tired and the reflection she had when I told her that. (5:00)

  • On Episode 23, Sarah and I were talking about how we need to have boundaries and affirmations, but to also brain dump your boundaries. Plus, I give you some of my own boundaries that work best for me! (6:30)

  • Celebrate what you’ve done this year, not just what your students have done! (8:00)

  • Check out the Magic of Littles Club Facebook group to grab my coloring book! (9:15)

  • If you appreciate this podcast, feel free to buy me a tea! (10:05)

So brew yourself a cup of tea and listen in on the full podcast here:

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