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Episode #32: Is it just me???

After the past 18+ months we’ve had, I feel myself asking the question “is it just me?” The Littles coming into the classroom seem to be at a different maturity level. The transition hasn’t been easy for our Littles or us as teachers. So what is fair right now?

In this episode I talk to you about how to make time and space in your routine to understand where our Littles are at emotionally so we can break down our bigger goals to create smaller, more palatable change!


In this episode, we learn about:

  • Is it just me? Kids coming in with less maturity to the classroom. (1:15)

  • This school year will be less about big challenging behaviors, but instead about disconnect and expectations. (2:49)

  • Let’s get back to the basics. (4:45)

  • Meeting kids where they’re at is hard, but important. (6:40)

  • Listen back to Episode 8: Planting Seeds. (7:55)

  • My biggest tips are to look at the data and think about the emotional age. (8:50)

  • What is the one thing I know that can help your Little move forward? (11:00)

So brew yourself a cup of tea and listen in on the full podcast here:

Tag me on Instagram @themagicoflittles and let me know what you thought of today’s episode! You can also join in the conversation at the Magic of Littles Club on Facebook.

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Hi Renee, I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast episode: what is Fair and Moving Forward? It was such an impactful sentiment.

Thank you,

Winter Parris

Children's Author, Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher, Doula Breath Specialist.

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